As a person who has engaged in various business activities, I needed a term that I could use that summed up most of my activities in the marketplace.

I have owned and operated Lighthouse Contracting, Inc. with my husband for over ten plus years in the home services industry. Plus, I’ve been in the real estate arena of North Carolina as a Real Estate Broker for over eight years.

I have also been involved in various health networking companies to help me stay in tip top shape in my health and fitness.

To further clarify how I’ve used this term, I have created three definitions relating to the word homepreneur below and how I’ve used it in my life.

1. A person who owns, operates, or manages a home service business and/or enterprise with considerable risk.

2.  A person who operates their networking business or contracting business from a home office.

3. One who seeks wisdom for their business from the “Master Builder” which is the Most High God.  Psalms 127:1a, NIV, “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.”



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