Woo Hoo I Made It: Where Is Wendy Off To?

#30DayPeriscopeChallenge: Day 30


Wendy is now off to building and growing her Use A Pro’s Community platform. This community is made up of professional how-to’s, trainings, and services. To learn more you can visit her at iUseAPro.com

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About the Author:

I (Wendy Twine) have been in the home services industry (Lighthouse Contracting, Inc. ) with my husband for over a dozen plus years and in the real estate arena (North Carolina Real Estate Broker) for over ten years, I needed a word that I could use to label myself in what I did. I have decide to create three definitions relating to the word Homepreneur and how I apply it to my life. noun 1. A person who engages or manages a home service business or enterprise with considerable risk. 2. A person who operates a business from their home, such as a home base business. verb 3. One who seeks wisdom for their business from the "Master Builder" which is the Most High God. Psalms 127:1a, NIV, "Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain."