Wendy envisioned a company where Use A Pro Community Business Network help’s empower service professionals to equip and empower people in the marketplace to hire professionals in their industry with greater success.

We envision service professionals becoming agents of change by serving for a higher purpose thru educating people:  how to hire in their industry, what are their best practices, their bewares and their industry regulation standards.

As a result of them empowering people on how to employ industry professionals successfully, it showcases them as the Professional in their industry and they have opportunities to increase their influence, impact and their income. Ways the Service Professionals can showcase their expertise is through the UseAPro’s Guidebook™ eBook Series, UseAPro’s Guidecast™ (Podcast), Webinars, etc.

We strive to attract service professionals who have a desire to serve for a higher purpose and showcase their professionalism in their industry. Our mission is to restore trust in the marketplace by being “Your Guide to Professionals How-to’s, Trainings and Services.”
Some of our companies guiding lights:

Never create a product or service “just for the money. The higher purpose is when we put our customers needs before our own. The greatest profits (financial, spiritual, emotional) we will ever attain is when we are making a difference in our customers lives by meeting their deepest needs and satisfying our deepest passions.

The most empowering marketing strategy there is, is showing honor. We truly care about bringing honor to our God and honor to our customers by showing them how we care about their needs over our own. This is by delivering value and excellence in all we do.

To learn more about UseAPro™ Community Business Network go to http://iUseAPro.com