Wendy’s Consulting Services

Wendy offers both prophetic consulting and standard business consulting for new startups and launches. If you need to understand more about what prophetic consulting is, you can go here.  Area(s) where you are feeling stuck and need a breakthrough (identity, purpose, destiny, hearing God, business) to get to your end results, consider prophetic consulting.

If you already know where you want to go but need a little more direction/guidance in your business below, Wendy will help you clarify and define the following ways to help increase your impact, income, and influence:

  • Who are you? (i.e. profession/expertise)
  • Who are your customers? (i.e. ideal avatar)
  • What do you offer (i.e. products, services, etc…)
  • Where do you do business? (i.e. geographical location of biz)
  • When are you available? (i.e. hours/days of operation)
  • Why should I do business with you? (i.e. Honorable Selling Purpose)
  • How do I find you? (i.e. Online, Offline)
  • How do you market to your ideal customers? (i.e. Magnetic Marketing Plan)

Note of an example from above:  Wendy consults Heaven’s Kingdom entrepreneurs, business owners, marketplace leaders & ministers to achieve breakthroughs so they can amplify their message, increase their influence and dominate their mountain of influence so they and others may prosper as they serve The King and His Kingdom through their products, services, and events.

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