Prophetic Consulting is an ancient practice in Biblical times. It goes back for thousands of years with people like Samuel, Joseph, Daniel, and Elisha who consulted Kings and influencers of their day. In Isaiah 9:6, God himself referred to him being the Wonderful Counselor. Which can also be translated as the Signs and Wonders Consultant.

The role of the consultant is to seek God and to help you advance in your journey; it is not to give you a prophetic word or to prophecy over you though that may happen sometime during your session. The purpose of the prophetic consultant is to ask strategic questions led by Holy Spirit; that can lead to greater insights and revelation on your current situation and how you can get the breakthrough.

If you need breakthroughs in clarity, direction, deliverance, healing, understanding of your future, and insights into areas of your life or business, then a consultant may be what you are needing and looking for. Remember, the goal isn’t to tell you your future or give you the answers to your problems. The goal is to help you discover what God is saying about the areas in which you need breakthroughs.

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