My experiences and skill sets have centered around the home services arena and how to market those services online and offline in the marketplace. To reach my ideal customers and help meet their needs, I recently have moved more online to develop an equipping center for consumers to be equipped and empowered to employ industry professionals with greater success. Its also providing professional resources to consumers to help guide them in the how-to’s, trainings, events, etc. in business, work and life.

01. Home Services

Home services consist of running a home improvement company for 12+ years and aiding clients in the buying and selling of residential homes.

02. Marketing

Marketing consist of the following ways: marketing of homes, content marketing, social media channels, live streaming, guidebooks, webinars, etc.

03. Branding

Branding consists of you creating a living by being you, that is, if you know how to package yourself. As for me, I am packaging myself as being your professional guide.