It was my privilege to be Wendy’s pastor in my first church. When I met Wendy, she was going through one of the most difficult situations  any person  could face – the death of her newborn baby.  However, through that most difficult tragedy, I saw Wendy cling to the Lord, trust Him by faith, and grow with an insatiable appetite for the things of the Lord. Wendy has a genuine walk with Christ, an insight into His Word, and a deep love for His people.  

Pastor Mac Brunson
Valleydale Church
Birmingham, AL

I came to know Wendy Twine first as a friend and then as a pastor for several years.  At one time, our families lived in the same neighborhood and our children played together in one another’s yards.  I know Wendy to be a principled woman with a strong desire for deep intimacy with the Lord.  She intently studies the Word and does not hesitate to proclaim to others the truth she has discovered.  She also seeks to integrate her faith in every aspect of her living.  She is uniquely qualified to bring perspective on the integration of faith and the workplace.  

Pastor Steve Morgan
The Bridge Christian Fellowship
Chesapeake, VA