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Prophetic Consultations

Liability Release
A Prophetic Consultation is a 30-minute session in which the consultant helps his/her clients clarify their goals, identify any obstacles, and brainstorm potential strategies to overcome those obstacles. Although the prophetic plays a key role in the consultation, a prophetic consultation is not the same as a prophetic or prayer session, such as those offered through the Healing Rooms, SOZO, inner healing, or a prophetic ministry.

Prophetic Consultations are also not the same as a counseling session or a pastoral ministry. Clients are encouraged to keep their answers as brief and to the point as possible. Oftentimes, the additional details only serve to confirm what the consultant has already discerned and therefore are not necessary. If any elaboration is needed, the consultant will encourage his/her clients to share more about a particular subject in order to drill down to the core concern or topic.

Sometimes more than one session is needed depending on the subject that the client wishes to cover. However, this is not always necessarily the case. After the session is completed, the client is encouraged and expected to take the necessary time to process and implement the things that were discussed before another session can be scheduled, typically over a period of several weeks to a month.

The consultant’s role is to help encourage, empower, and give options to his/her clients. The clients receive their consultations at will and are free to accept or dismiss anything the consultant has to say. Ultimately, any decisions that are made based on the consultation fall to the client, and therefore, the consultant cannot be held liable. The consultant also reserves the right to end the session and discontinue any further consultations if he/she feels that he/she is not the right person to help the client through a particular issue or concern.

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