Selling a home can be very stressful in a home-owners life; and it can make it even more of a challenge when not knowing how to choose the right real estate agent. It’s more important to choose an agent who’s not about “tooting their own horn,” as much as helping be your educational guide in the selling process and how to discover the difference between a marketing agent versus a listing agent.

We all know that first impressions speak loud and it helps for you the seller to know if an agent is more about being “me-centered” versus being “seller-centered.” One of the ways to understand if an agent is “seller-centered” is wanting to know what’s in their customer’s M.I.N.D. (Motives. Interests. Needs. Desires.) rather than one who is “me-centered” and all they want to do is showcase all their accolades.

More Than a Buyer

You the seller just don’t need a buyer for your home but you also need to buy into the benefits of working with the right real estate agent that will help you understand what’s in your M.I.N.D., how to solve your problems and lessen your anxieties by showing you what the selling process looks like and how it will work for your unique situation. If not, then you could risk having an agent that could cost you the seller, more of your time and money.

The right real estate pro will show you the importance of how to have the right people, systems and tools in place to help sell your home for the most money and the shortest amount of time.

This is another way to know when they are doing their due diligence in helping you discover more about themselves and how they will serve you. If they aren’t making it easy for you, then what will they do when it comes to putting your home on the market?

What Do You Know

You should be clear on what you should know when researching and comparing agents and agencies. You want to know, like, and trust your agent with one of, if not the biggest investment of your life. Here is some ways you should get to know, like, and hopefully trust your Real Estate agent when it comes to listing your home on the market:

  • Do you know about the agent and their company’s honorable selling purpose? This is what makes them different from their competition.
  • Do you know what the top 10 services that are being offered and whether you like what you see? This will reveal what they have to offer and how they will serve you.
  • Do you know if your agent or agency equips buyers and sellers in real estate and home services and processes? This will tell if your agent is an educator since 85%+ buyers and sellers are going online seeking solutions to their needs and problems.
  • Do you know and like the way they generate leads? This will help you to know where and how they market.
  • Do you know when and ways they can be reached? This will help you to know when they are available and how to reach them.

A Real Estate Pro’s Offer

As a real estate pro, I would show you in a listing presentation what makes me and my company unique by giving you our honorable selling purpose, a list of the 10 services and the break-down of each service, how we generate leads and our processes for attracting buyers, then the ways on how we can be reached. This helps you the seller to know what to expect if you opt-in to inquire on more detailed information on the particular way business will be done.

How Will You Respond

You’re at the point of decision.

You now have some general knowledge of what areas you should be looking for when choosing a real estate pro that can help. If you want something different in the ways most real estate agents work, then fill out the opt-in form below to get more detailed information about how I would present a listing presentation and to you and my processes if you chose me as your seller’s agent.