Your Message

When creating your message, you should address the following four areas:

1. Your Value Proposition is the value that your bring to your ideal audience/client.  An example would be, ” I help people__???____ do this____???____ so they can have that_____???______.  Here is an example filled out from a real estate agent’s perspective who focuses on first time home sellers: “I help first time home sellers understand their liabilities and disclosure responsibilities so they will not find themselves getting sued for non-disclosure.”

2. What problems are you solving for your ideal clients? Their secret fears, concerns, anxieties, struggles, etc

3. What solutions do you have to offer? Can you provide the solution/system on how to ??? their problem?

4.What tool are you going to give to make it a reality? Examples could be a downloadable PDF guide of a blueprint to their solution and next steps; and if they want you as the professional/expert to provide the service for them.

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