What State Are You In?

Have you ever taken the time to evaluate what you state your condition is in? I don’t necessarily mean hot or cold, sick or well, rich or poor. What I mean is your overall condition allowing you to be in an empowering state or disempowering state?

Well if you are having a difficult time not knowing which state you are in most of the time, I want to give you some tips on how to know and change your state. Which in turn will change your world.

I want you to begin to use 5 spiritual attributes. These are similar to the ones you already use in your physical world to know when you are hot versus cold or hungry versus full, etc. by turning them internally versus externally.

There are five S’s that I would like you to remember when it comes to evaluating what state you are in. They are as follows: sight, savory, smell, sound, stimulate.


How is your sight? Is what you’re looking at empowering or disempowering? This will have a lot to do with what you are focusing on. Does the vision you hold internally bring about hope and life or fear and death? If it’s the latter, I encourage to focus on a new vision that will bring you about an empowering state. Which helps when you apply this next attribute with it.


Is what you are speaking savory? Is your self-talk enticing others to want to taste and see that what you speak of is good? Is the words empowering or disempowering? Here is an example, I will try (disempowering) versus I can do it (empowering). Are your words coming out of your mouth speaking more life or death? If you are having a hard time speaking words of life that others will want to eat too, then evaluate your heart condition. I don’t mean physical either. Your thoughts and your words that you speak are bridges to your beliefs that reside in your heart (beliefs of the heart is another whole teaching).


What sounds do you hear internally when you are in an empowering state or disempowering state? I would bet that the majority of people when in an empowering state her joyful sounds or sounds of excitement and praise. It could even be cheering and clapping that you hear in your soul. But if you are in a disempowering state, it probably has to do with sounds of mourning, crying or grief like what you hear when someone has died. It could even be hollering due to intense pain.



When it comes to your smell, is what you are smelling empowering you? If it does, it should be along the lines of sweet smells and enticing smells that makes you just want to dig in or jump in deeper because of what you are smelling. It would be like that of fresh baked bread out of the oven that your mouth is already watering because of the intense aroma and makes you long to have a piece because of what you are smelling. Or it could be an intense aroma of fresh cut flowers. And you just aren’t getting quite enough of them that you have to put your nose closer to take in the beauty of the aromas.

Now a disempowering state would leave a horrible smell that would push you away. What are you internally smelling that causes you to be disempowered? What can you do to change your state by changing how you smell? What is the world you want to create or live in that smells differently than the one you’re in now?


Are you feeling stimulated to the point that you want to take action? Are you full of expectation of great things to come and therefore you are full of hope, faith and courage that puts you into an empowering state. Or do you feel hopeless and despair? If so, this will leave you in a disempowering state that lacks the stimulation for you to take action in changing your world.

Start using these attributes internally to help you evaluate when you are in an empowering versus disempowering state. When disempowered in one of the senses then re-write the image by giving that sense a different outcome. Also, take each of these senses and write out the image you see in your soul by describing how each sense plays the part in your new world.

A Picture of Total Unconditional Acceptance:

In my new world, I am focused on seeing and envisioning me as a confident person with God’s help. I watch over the words that I speak making sure they’re savory to those who hear and causing them to want more as I am connecting to their heart. Therefore, because of changing my self-talk to speaking words of life, it leaves me stimulated and feeling empowered. My physiology even changes as I stand now with a greater level of confidence and courage because I envision sounds of people clapping joyfully by what I speak to them. And people testify that my words are likened to what smells of fresh baked bread right out of the oven, that they just can’t wait for the next word that comes out so they can digest what I am imparting and therefore leave in a more empowered state.

Now, what picture will you imagine and write to create a new world or a better world by reading it every day? Please share in the comments below.