Today’s reflection for #50daysto50 is about creating opportunities together. If you need to catch up on the other reflections, you can go to

Opportunity for SuccessCreating Opportunities is important to creating S.U.C.C.E.S.S. in your business. Of course this can also be applied to your ministry and family life as well. But today I am specifically emphasising your business.

Creating Opportunities can be from how to grow your influence together, your impact, and your income. Let’s talk about each of these components individually.


When it comes to your influence, you grow in this area by reaching out and touching others in a positive or negative way. It can be building influence at beginning levels of one on one up to creating leader of leaders.


When it comes to your impact, this is the level of intensity, impression or importance. This impact reflects itself through your knowledge of your industry, your credibility and confidence of  how you apply knowledge. And then your level of authority in how you operate.

Are you a beginner in your knowledge area or have you developed years of building credibility in your knowledge that you are developing others under you?


When it comes to your income, this is the ability to transfer your talents, abilities, gifts and skills sets to making income. This can be to trading your time for money or it can be creating a product for a set price, or creating passive income or also known as residual income.

There is so much to talk here about how to create your income with your knowledge.

In business creating income helps you when you are meeting a need or solving a problem or creating an experience desired for another. This can be a one time thing or ongoing.

Building Niche Groups

When it comes to creating opportunities together with like minded people, think about how you can create success together by building your influence, impact and income together.

One example I will share here is in the area of service professionals working together in a particular niche. For me this was in the area of real estate. We would work with other professionals who were in the lending industry, home repair industry, inspection industry, insurance industry, legal industry, etc. that we all worked together to create impact in the real estate. Yet we also helped build income with and off of one another because of our influence in that niche market.

What ways can you think of to create opportunities for you to build your influence, impact and income? What tools, markets, and messaging do you need to have?

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