Staying Connected

Today’s reflection on #50daysto50 is about staying connected. If you missed the other 50 days reflection, you can go to

Why Its Important

ConnectStaying Connected is important to have S.U.C.C.E.S.S. in business. If you don’t stay connected or constant in touch, your customers like your companions or children, etc. will lose that loving feeling that they have had with you.

Examples of Connecting

So how does one stay connected? There are a variety of methods to staying in touch and its important to communicate best with how they most like to be communicated to.

Some examples of communicating to your customers just like your friends and family are very similar in nature are as follows:

  • Phone (Skype, Face Time, etc.)
  • Email
  • Text
  • Social Media Channels
  • Fax
  • Video
  • Snail Mail (aka United State Postal Service)

What Connects You

The importance of staying connected also plays into what fastens, links or joins you together. You being part of a family will cause you to be connected. You have an association with them from doing business will now help you to create that connection and create a “family business” tie to you if done properly.

I have learned the hard way that if you don’t stay connected they will find someone else for that “loving feeling”.

What also connects you to a “relationship” will be if you have an affinity or common need from one another. You need to always be creating the message that you are there to help them meet their needs/wants or desires in the area of your business products and services.

And just like communication with your own family and you learn what their likes and dislikes are or their wishes, you staying connected will help you provide the resources or develop the resources to meet their needs, wants and/or desires.

When To Connect

There is an art to how frequently you stay connected, which will determine the days and times of frequency. Each person and channel of communication to stay connected has its bests frequencies.

Again, I have learned that when I first developed a business relationship, I would asked them how did they best desire to be communicated to and best times to reach them.

This will take time to learn your customers and what they like best. Please share how you like to stay connected and what frequency is best for you below.