Don't Grow WearyI am one who doesn’t like to ramble; but to have a plan or at least an outline when it comes to writing.

I know if I don’t commit to writing a post/reflection everyday like I stated, I will never develop the habit of writing.

I want to develop the  discipline in writing to share the many ideas for lessons learned, courses to create, and books to write.

Yet I struggle so to discipline myself on sitting in this chair before the computer and write consistently. Why?

Well like I stated the purpose of writing a daily posts was to help with the reflections of my first half century.

Why do we have successes in some areas of life and yet other areas what we long for, dream about, and taste, there is a resistance that keeps us from the very thing we desire.

As I journey with these daily reflections and sharing my thoughts with you, this will hopefully help me break thru the resistance I face. Maybe you can relate?

It may not be with writing but is it in a relationship, finances or your health? It could be like loosing weight, a constant battle since childhood or early adulthood.

I know that writing is only one area of resistance I have struggled with and as I am approaching 50, I ask myself why? Why is it some areas are so easy to have victory in and other areas are not. If I seem like I’m rambling, please bare with me as I work through my resistance in this area of my life.

I will tell you this much, as I have reflected and pondered on this area, I know why I have hesitated so; and I will  have victory in this area.

You see I internalized much of my lack of knowledge early in life to not being good enough. It wasn’t that I wasn’t good enough but a whisper in my ear that said you will never measure up to your mother in this area.

You see I was blessed with a mother who was very good at writing and editing. She worked for a company in her early adulthood as an editor. I always felt intimidated by her knowledge and skill sets. It wasn’t easy for me because of either lack of knowledge being taught in my school or even greater, my belief system.

This is a belief system that is being broken now at this season in my life. I realize now I believed the whisper, instead of embracing that I had revelation knowledge to share that God had put in my heart.

Yes, I may get my there and their mix up by accident or my affect and effect; but I’m not letting it hold me back any longer because of the messages that are pinned up inside of me.

I will share more each day on the challenges, tests, and victories as I reflect on this journey called life.  And hopefully it will help you too to do some reflection on what are you believing and then show you how your belief system shapes your current world.

Until next time, what areas are you having resistance in?