Are You Resting?

Rest QuoteToday’s reflection on #50daysto50 is about rest. Yesterday we talked about peace and if you missed any of the reflection postings you can go to to read more.

Often times our peace can be disturbed not because of disobedience, a test/challenge, or even the “devil” but lack of wisdom. We are living in a society now with electricity and even more with are technology that we are staying up later and getting less rest.

When we don’t get the rest that we need, we are not being as productive as we could be. In the beginning of time, God gave us principles and statues to live by. For example rest on the seventh day. Let your fields rest every seventh year, etc..

The purpose for this was so we could be rejuvenated and produce more. So because today was a stressful day coming home from a job I was doing and sitting still on the highway for 30 minutes while we waited for the clean up to happen from a major accident, I am going to rest earlier tonight. Stress can take a lot out of you and I know from the reflections over my life that when we push constantly when we are tired, worse things can happen.

For example, disease can set in, accidents can happen, and relationships can be severely harmed all because we do things when we are extremely tired instead of taking the time to renew our strength.

Have you been resting like you should? If not, why not? Share below.