Are You In Your Comfort Zone?

Today’s reflection on #50daysto50 is about comfort. If you’ve been missing any of my daily reflections, you can find them at

Comfort ZoneMost of our life we spend our time and energy doing what we can to stay comfortable. We make sure that our belly feels satisfied, that our home’s thermostat settings are just at a temperature that is “comfortable” for us to relax or work in. We gather enough “stuff” to give us a false sense of security and feed our addictions to take the edge off so our physical body will stay in a constant state of  “peace.”

What about the comfort zone in your soul? You may find your soul in a battle even now, where you want to settle for the status quo in your emotional, mental, relational or spiritual state. Each of these areas in our soul, if we do not push ourselves to #bemore then we are obviously settling for far less than God’s ideal for us.

Our lives are like a river, we need to always be in constant motion, always moving forward. The sad thing is many of us reflect our lives like that of the Dead Sea. It takes, and takes and takes, never giving or moving forward. If we don’t grow in our soul by becoming more emotionally whole, mentally pure, relationally giving and spiritually hungry with our Creator and others, then we will be settling for a life that reflects no growth.

Your comfort zone relationally may not to humble yourself when you had a tif with a family member or friend and asked them to forgive you. This will result in you not growing in your relational area. Your comfort zone mentally would be to continually rehearse the negative thoughts of what that friend or family person did  instead if you choosing to dwell on what is positive about that person. You could move to a person who is growing into a person of thinking and speaking well of others.

What about your spiritual comfort zone? Do you settle for a prayer here and there when a crisis situation happens; and then once its over with, you go back to business as usual? Better yet how about stretching yourself out of your comfort zone and ask the God of the Universe, your Creator to reveal how much he loves you; to take you on a walk on the wild side from a life of meaningless to a life filled with meaning because now you are finding that your purpose is filled in him.

Are you in your comfort zone(s)? If so, its time to GROW. Share below.