Stop Planning and Start Building

Do not despise these small beginnings,Today’s reflection on #50daysto50 is about building a life you love. If you haven’t been keeping up with my reflections over the last two weeks, you can go to

Do you struggle with or know someone personally who will just plan and plan and plan and don’t take the first step into building what their planning? Well, I know someone personally and she frustrates me to no end. The worse thing is that I can’t get away from her because this person is me.

Have you heard how perfectionism leads to procrastination or how analysis leads to paralysis? This is what frustrates me and others. I am guilty because I am strong about being your best and about excellence. At the same time it has hurt me and cause me to disobey the leading of the Lord as well when he has told me to start writing some time ago.

There is a scripture that says, don’t despise the day of small beginnings. If you are like me and finding yourself delaying because you want everything just so, I’m here to say, “STOP IT’!!! I am also, speaking to the choir here as well. We will never see the blessings of God in our life if we wait to when everything is just so.

You may not be a perfectionist but what is still keeping you from taking action? Because you may not have all the necessary tools to start your building. Believe it or not, when you start moving forward to your call and passion, the very things that you will need, God will provide. There is much we can do now with some vision and  determination. [tweetthis]”When you start moving forward to your call and passion, the very things that you will need, God will provide.” ~ Wendy Twine[/tweetthis]

The next thing is to start sharing it with everyone you know about your vision and how you are pursuing it. Our purpose is not always about meeting our needs and desires. It’s about helping others too.

I have a passion for homepreneurship or as you may know it entrepreneurship. This is a person who takes a risk and starts his or her own business and/or company. I have done variations over the years from helping my husband in our contracting business, to sharing nuetraceuticals with people who need to improve their health to helping people find that house and calling it home.

The main thing is what are you passionate about or even skilled and knowledgeable at that you can share with the world to help others become empowered and set free in areas of need and frustration?

As I reflect over my life, I have always gravitated to helping people know their purpose and living it out where it can bring about support for them and their families.

What are you desiring to do? What places are you despising where you need to start? Do you need to loose 25, 50, 100 pounds but despise the idea of getting off that couch and starting a daily exercise routine? What about needing more income but you can’t increase anymore hours at work or can’t get any more pay increases? Are you despising the idea of disciplining yourself to start a side business when instead you would like to watch your favorite TV shows or surf the web?

Start today because if you don’t you will have more regret tomorrow for allowing the small places to hinder you like it has me. What areas are you despising? Share below.