Are You Being R.E.A.L.?

BeREALToday’s reflection on #50daysto50 is about being real. There are other reflections at if you happen to miss any and would like to know more about what the #50daysto50 topic is about.

When I started this journey of 50 days to turning 50 and reflecting on my first half of my life, I said I would talk about the test, challenges, and trials and even the should’ve, would’ve and could’ve. I wanted to “BeREAL.”

Be Relational

What does being real mean to you? For me, its about how I wish I “would’ve” been more relational in my first half of my life. We came into this world with nothing and we leave this world with nothing. Yet if you happen to be like me, we can get very focused on our tasks, our to do list and/or our errands, that we are not putting the time in like we should to be more relational.

Now obviously we can’t be bff (best friends forever) with everyone. But we do need to be more sensitive when God leads someone on your heart to reach out and touch them. This could be a phone call, text, message through Facebook saying I’m thinking about you, etc. I have been asking God to help me do better this second half of my life.

Be Engaging

To be engaging to me is about being genuinely interested in other people and knowing what’s on their M.I.N.D. (motives, interest, needs, and desires). I find that people who are truly successful in this life are about engaging other people. Their not about telling me about all themselves and their accomplishments and what they contribute to society. They genuinely want to know more about you and me and develop relationship with us.

Be Authentic

Being authentic is allowing yourself to be more vulnerable. Everywhere we turn, there is the push for being successful and perfection. But what success and perfection looks like to one person is not the same for another. For one person, they may deem themselves being successful by living their dreams of having a local cafe. For another it could be a dog lover and he may want to have a business training dogs. In fact my brother has a client who loved dogs so much he started training dogs and teaching people how to maintain the dog training at home as well.

You must be who God created you to be. What brings you pleasure, will be what brings other people pleasure too. God has given you the talents and gifts you have to not only bless you but others. So we can’t always insists that people be like us, because we are each uniquely made and gifted.

Be Listening

Have you ever wondered why God gave you two ears and one mouth? Well, it may be obvious here because we are to listen twice as much as we speak. My youngest daughter in law is great at this. During our family gatherings, we will all be talking about life and what’s on our M.I.N.D. (motives, interest, needs and desires). She will come away many times from her listening skills and get ideas for Birthdays and Christmas.

If we would be more about listening and not just hearing we would know how to be more real with people because we could mirror back to them what they had spoken and know how we can be more helpful. Isn’t that what everyone want is to be “listened to” and not just heard?

Okay, so now that you know how I want to be more real, will you take this journey with me?  Which area(s) do you need to be more Do you need to be more relational, engaging, authentic or listening? Share below.