How Authentic Are You?

Genuine AuthenticToday’s reflection on #50daysto50 is about being authentic. If you missed any of these reflections, you can go to to read more.

How Authenticity Is Measured

What does authentic mean? It means being real, not false or copied according to We all want authenticity in our lives. Many of us would not stay in a relationship or do business with someone if they were not being real with us. The only way we know if someone is really authentic is over time.

Time is the best measurer to uncover authenticity; for example if you ask someone how committed they were and they said very committed, how would you know? Do they leave when the tough get going or do they get going because of how tough it is? This would show you how real or authentic a person is.

Personal and Business Authenticity

We can encounter relationships that are authentic in one area but not in another. For example, we in our society may see people who are very good at doing business and are very real/authentic in serving you in an area you need. They may be a vendor that you have built a relationship with and are trusted to be there with the products that you need. But their home life can be a wreck or shambles and therefor lack the authenticity in their home life.

I personally am very authentic in my home life and even my spiritual life. These areas are very important to me. I am growing in areas of authenticity in my business life. In that area I need to step it up from being good to being great as a business owner/entrepreneur. Just like your home life, if your husband or wife doesn’t show you the time of day or treats you like a roommate instead of a soul mate and that you are not there for each other, how long would you stick around?

Authentic Relationships

The sad thing is we are seeing so much of that in the family unit now. This is a major break down in our society. Families not even knowing how to have real conversations with one another for fear someone will not love them or leave them. There is another area we need to become more authentic and build relationships and that is in our businesses. In her book Will the Real You Please Stand Up: Show Up, Be Authentic, and Prosper in Social Media,
Kim Garst stated that businesses really need to build connections that last. “[tweetthis]What businesses really need is to build connections that last.” ~ Kim Garst[/tweetthis]