Stretch And See What Happens

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Benefits of Stretching

Stretching has many health benefits from increased range of motion, to muscular coordination, release of toxins, etc. But these are not the area of stretching I want to focus on in our physical bodies even though important. Instead I want to focus on our spiritual bodies and the importance of stretching there.

Stretching Increases ROM

There are many correlations between physical and spiritual stretching. In our spirit if we do not stretch our faith and take active steps to increase our range of motion, we will not see or experience all the possibilities that God has for us.

There is a story in the Bible referring to stretching by a man called Moses. This story is found in Exodus 14:16, where God is telling Moses to stretch out his rod and hand to the sea for the sea to part so that the Israelites could cross over on dry ground. You see the Israelites had been in bondage for 400 years and they were leaving Egypt. Pharaoh did not like loosing all that free labor to build his empire.

Stretching Increases Power

When it comes to muscle coordination we can become unbalance in our muscle strength. The spirit man of us, our spiritual muscles represent power and ability. There is a scripture that says that God will do exceedingly, abundantly, above all you could think or ask, according to the power working within you. This is found in Ephesians 3:20.

Again there is another story referring to stretching but this one is in relation to our strength/power being withered. In Mark 3:3-5, Jesus is very distraught over the condition of the religious leaders heart when it came to healing a man on the Sabbath who had a withered hand. This man was limited in what he could do because of no muscle strength. When Jesus told this man to stretch out his hand and the man did what he was told, he was restored. What area in your soul do you need to stretch to see God restore your strength and power?

Stretching Releases Toxins

Do you have toxic built up in your soul? Just like stretching helps release toxins in our physical bodies, stretching our faith will help us to rid ourselves from the toxins of negativity in our lives. These toxins are called doubt, unbelief, fear, etc.

I personally am stretching myself at this period of my life to do this 50 days to 50 reflections of what God has been teaching me and challenging me over the first half century of my life. In John Maxwell’s book, “Be All You Can Be“,[tweetthis]John Maxwell said, “If we are unchallenged we are unchanged.” [/tweetthis]

As I mentioned how God had been telling me for more than two years to start writing and I had delayed. Why? because of the toxins of unbelief. The more I stretch my writing habits each day the more unbelief is being released from this area of my soul.

What areas of your life do you need to stretch in and see God move? Please share to encourage others that they are not alone.