The Black Hole Nightmare

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Grace Scripture

When you think about the course of your life, often times you will make plans to prepare for what it is you desire to accomplish or obtain.

You start this journey called the road of life and all of a sudden you may encounter a blind side hit that takes you off the course you were intending to travel.

You may be dismayed at what is going on and never saw it coming. Your so frustrated with life that nothing seems to make sense. All the resources you put your trust in are being snatched out from under you.

The Black Hole Experience

I don’t know about you but I believe that many if not all of us will encounter a black hole experience. What does that mean? It is when our plans or visions and resources all of a sudden are no longer reachable.

For you it could be what you put your security in all of sudden is no longer there whether its your career, health, finances, relationship(s), etc. according to Os Hillman in The Upside Of Adversity.
For Joseph who was the second youngest son of Jacob, he was excited about life. His father favored him with a colorful coat that he had not done for the other sons. Plus, God had spoke about how he was going to be a leader one day not only over his family but more.

Death Of A Vision

But God allowed Joseph’s vision to be interrupted with a black hole experience literally. You see his brothers were jealous of him and didn’t like his vision either. They decided to put Joseph in a pit and sell him as a slave (Genesis 37).

Without going into all the details I want to say Joseph spent 13 years as a slave before God allowed him to be free to lead Egypt. He was the second in command to Pharaoh. Egypt at that time was considered a leading nation.

So how does this apply to your life? I have so much I want to share and teach but can’t do this in a single article. All I can say is I have had my black hole experiences too, where my vision was given and then put to death.

God’s Refining

God will resurrect the vision(s) He gives you in his time. What He is after more than fulfilling a vision is for you and me to become more like Him.

When we encounter black hole experiences it is either because of being chastised for sin in our life or because God is refining us and purifying/maturing us to prepare us for the vision He desires to give us.

Its much like a parent who has a child and the child is 5 years old and wants to drive the car because he sees Daddy driving the car. The child is not mature enough to handle the responsibilities that come with driving.

So it is when God gives us a vision, He takes us through a purifying, redefining or refining process. If we rebel towards God methods or processes and try to do it our way, we will make a bigger mess.

Abraham’s Impatience

This is what happened to Abraham. Abraham was married to Sarah and was promised he would have numerous descendants (Genesis 22:17) that would be like the stars in sky and grains of sand on seashore.

But because of Sarah and Abraham’s impatience, they took matters into their own hands to conceive a child with Sarah’s servant. His name was Ishmael.

This was not God’s plan. How many times have you or I rebelled against God and tried to do it our way and made a bigger mess. If we will recognize that the black hole experience is not to harm us but to help us and eventually be used in our lives to bless others as well.

Just like a mosaic that is made of broken pottery pieces so is the broken pieces in our lives are not wasted. God is creating the mosaic of broken pieces to bless others. Your mess is your message.

What message is he creating in you? Please share.