Facing Your Fear

Today’s reflection on #50daysto50 is about facing your fear. If you need to catch up on any other other reflections on this theme, go to wendytwine.com/50daysto50.

Memories vs DreamsWe all will encounter fear in some form or fashion when entering into our promise land. When facing fear though you need to have a different perspective than what most of us commonly have when facing fear.

Most of us are so afraid to face or encounter fear because of failure. This usually is the big one. Any great men or women in the Bible or in Modern Times will have encountered failure.

Change Your Perspective

So let’s face it you and I are going to encounter fear. What you do, is what will determine your level of success or failure. I can’t even remember who I was listening to or reading when it came to how to be successful in real estate.

The story went something like this.  A first year real estate agent went to a conference to listen to a very successful multi-millionair real estate professional. He hung around until lunch break to ask the professional to have lunch with him.

The professional agreed and during their time together at lunch the rookie real estate agent said, “What do you have to do to be successful in this business?” The professional answered and said, “Go out as much as you can and fail as often as you can in your first year.”

This puzzled the rookie because that didn’t make any sense. But the professional proceeded to tell him that we learn more from our failures than we do from our successes.

[tweetthis]Winston Churchill said, “Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”[/tweetthis] 

I’ve Been Guilty

I have been guilty for a long time allowing fear to rule my life. The sad thing I always had a voice that I had to over come from childhood that told me I wasn’t doing it right or I wouldn’t keep at it, that I would end up quitting, etc.

This voice of fear ruled my mentality for perfectionism. Which then delayed me ever getting anything accomplished or end up quitting because it wasn’t just so.

Another way the voice of fear will hold you back, is that you don’t deserve it. Again I dealt with this too, which tied itself to the first one. I didn’t deserve it because its not good enough or I’m not good enough.

So you need to face your fear(s) and have a different perspective in your life and the circumstance. Recently in the last few years I got a revelation and told my family that our perceived “failures” are really lessons being learned of what doesn’t work and what we can do differently the next time.

I like when a reporter years ago mentioned to Thomas Edison when he created the light bulb that it took him 999 failures. He corrected him and said it was 1,000 steps to the process of creating the electric light bulb.

Don’t let your memories of the past keep you from your dreams. What ways will you face your fears? Please share.