Living Past The Edge

Test to TestimonyToday’s reflection on #50daysto50 is about living past the edge. There are 50 days of reflections at if you happen to miss any.

Anyhow, today’s reflection for me has been about me being in touch with my emotions and getting past my comfort zone.

Breaking The Comfort Zone

I am being taken from my comfort zone in just this area of writing these 50 days. Every day I say to God what are we going to write about and what would you have me share. What is it from my life that I could share and hopefully bring them greater freedom than maybe I am even experiencing myself.

You see I kept hitting a barrier of fear that was holding me back from writing. And I have felt the Lord say for a long time, write. I’m embarrassed to tell you how hard headed I have been and I am to start doing this more consistently.

Pushing Through

All I know is that today has been a challenge and what has encouraged me is from the book, Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson is taking a step afraid. Have you ever felt that the very thing you want to do your most afraid to do it?

I am glad to be pushing and pursuing what God has put in my heart, but I have to push through the battles of obstacles that keep trying to keep me from my promise land.

Even then once I get into the promise land (the Success Test) there are battles to over come there as well. Did you know that the Israelites had to fight 39 battles once in the promise land?

Don’t Give Up

You may beginning to walk out the very vision of God has in your life and your having to push through all your discomforts, doubts and anxieties. You are not alone. This happens to all of us who are pursuing the vision that God gives us.

You may be terribly petrified to speak in public to ten people or 100 to a 1000 to 10,000. Whatever it is you want to do, there is someone else who can relate to where you are. Some are just further in their journey than you or I am but this does not make us any less worthy. We all start somewhere.

We have to master sharing and doing our vision, it called #workyourfaith. For those who don’t understand the use of hashtags (#) it is work your faith.

Let’s continue this journey together to build the life and business we dream of. Ask The Dream Giver to give you the courage to press past your comfort zone like he did with Ordinary in the story of the Dream Giver.

What discomforts are you facing? For me its the fear of the Unknown. Please share.