Today’s reflection on #50DayTo50 is  about grasshoppers. If you have been following my daily reflections of the first half century of my life, hopefully you will find some helpful insights to help you be more fruitful in your life.

Each day it may seem like there is no rhyme or reason to my thinking but please rest assure you will get something out of it that you can relate to in your life as well.

You may be asking how does grasshoppers apply to my life or yours. Well first of all I am referring to small thinking.

How many times have you or those around you, whether its your family, friends, or co-workers have grasshopper mentality.

I know I have been guilty of it myself and most of the people in my life have been guilty of it too. In fact I don’t know if you have heard the saying that you are the average sum of 5 closest people in your life.

Well in the case of the ten spies that were sent out as scouts to take a land that God had promised them and their tribes, eight came back with grasshopper thinking and speaking. This story is found in Numbers 13 of the Bible.

How many times have I or you fallen into the eight spies category verses the two that came back in agreement and faith at what God was promising them? God was giving them a land flowing with milk and honey. Today it may be the more than enough in your bank account(s) or in your covered to feed your children.

The sad thing is when the eight came back and said we are as grasshoppers in their sight, they were referring to  the inhabitants of the land they were to possess.

Is God asking you to take new territory and you keep shrinking back because of the “inhabitants” in the land?

Do you know what happen also to the eight because of their lack of faith? Not only did they not get to go in but their descendants didn’t go either. When we don’t act on what God is speaking to us because of fear, it doesn’t just hurt us but the next generation(s).

I am asking God to help me fulfill the calling he has on my life before I exist this world. I hope to live a much longer life than 50 years but we are not promised tomorrow either. We must obey today so we can walk with more fruitfulness and peacefulness. Plus, sow into the next generation blessings that they don’t have to work as hard to receive it.

Which category do you fall into? Will you be a person who walks by faith and not be sight?