Mother's DayAs you take this journey with me of 50 Days to 50 and the reflections of my life, today is the theme on expectations.

In America we celebrate a holiday called Mother’s Day today. Depending on what your up bringing was and what was modeled in your home is how you and I will celebrate a holiday more than likely.

As I reflect back on my own childhood, I don’t remember my mother or my father making it a big deal. I didn’t even really appreciate the holiday and my mother all the more until I became a mother myself.

If you happen to be male you may relate more if you have become a father to appreciate your parents and maybe even your mother more.

As I mentioned before, that many times your circumstances you face in life will shape you into who you become. My first Mother’s Day was a real challenge. You see I had already became a mother for the first time and then buried my first born son before my first Mother’s Day.

So for me it was very awkward when mothers all around me were being celebrated and I couldn’t participate in the joy of it because 5 months prior I had lost his presence being with me.

I can say now since that time I am grateful for the littlest things because I realized how quickly life can take a turn you were not expecting. Maybe you or someone you know may be having or has had that challenge yourselves. And today could be a day that is shaping you or them forever in a particular way in life.

Thank God the Lord gave me more children and today allowed me to celebrate Mother’s Day with all my children wishing and spending time with me that are on this side of heaven. Three of them to be exact with their families.

Each Day is a gift and sometimes you can loose sight of what gifts you have if your expectations are directed in the wrong place. You may not been treated with breakfast in bed because your kids are to little or have a husband around who is thoughtful to encourage the honoring of your contributions you brought to your family or the world.

Remember to have an extra measure of grace for yourself if you are a mother or for your mother if she is still living. It’s the toughest job on earth for women. You may have had some bumps and bruises that weren’t always recognized when growing up that you still carry with you. That doesn’t mean they didn’t love you.

As you reflect on your life and when you become a parent yourself, you realize that parents do the best they can do with the knowledge that they were given at the time. The more you surrender your expectations and you release any unforgiveness, you will realize how grateful you are towards your mother for giving you life.

What expectations are you holding on to that you need to release? Do you reflect an attitude of gratitude towards your mother (parents)?

If not, can you thank God and your parents anyhow for giving you life and asking him to use the circumstances and messes to be turned into a message that brings God honor?