Where You Must Determine To Go!

Today’s reflection on #50daysto50 is about determination. If you happen to miss any of these other reflections, you can go to wendytwine.com/50daysto50.

SucceedAs I have reflected and shared about how my life has been this journey compared to Joseph in the Bible of going from betrayal by his brothers to eventually being restored to even a greater position than he was originally in, it took determination.

Determination to not allow bitterness to stay in his heart when his brothers at first wanted to kill him but instead sold him as a slave, to be betrayed and lied about from his Master’s wife and thrown into jail. To being forgotten when in jail to help deliver one from jail.

Determination God’s Way

All that Joseph had to deal with took determination to serve God and be obedient when everything in his natural man would want to probably curse God and die. In fact there was a man name Job who was told that very thing by his wife because of how he trusted God when all hell broke loose in his life.

Well I have to admit that right now I am going through a major challenge in my personal life that has me questioning God too. But I must be determine to not judge by what my eyes see but instead on what God’s promises are.

He Is Faithful

He is always faithful and will never leave you or forsake you. It may feel like it at times in your life, until you are on the other side and looking back on how God was in that broken place or hurtful place and he used it for your good.

All I can say is stay determine to succeed and pursue success God’s way. Not what the world defines as success but what is success for your personal life and business life.

Tomorrow I will start to share how I spell success in my business and what that means to me. These next few days finishing up the 50 days to 50 theme, I will go into more detail how you can be a S.U.C.C.E.S.S. in your business or vision as well.

So let me end tonight and ask you what are you determined to overcome and succeed in? Please share.