Sense of Purpose

Today’s reflection on #50daysto50 is about your sense of purpose. If you have missed any of the other reflections on this theme, you can go to

Purpose & PassionPurpose seems to be a big top and a big concern for many people. They want to know why am I here and what was I created for. Many people live their life frustrated when they don’t have a sense of purpose.

First let’s clarify that purpose has three parts to it. We were created on purpose, with a purpose and for a purpose.

When you are in your purpose, it will make you feel most alive and inspired.

Your Reason

Your “on purpose” is your reason part of purpose “why I exist or why am I here.” You were created for relationship. First with your creator “Abba Father” “Daddy God” or “God” as some will say.

Your Function

Your “with a purpose” is your function part of purpose. It is “what am I suppose to do or become?” And if you struggle in this area you can actually take tests to find out what your strengths are or what you would be most gifted at doing.  The strength finders 2.0 is a good place to start.

Your Intention

Your “for purpose” is your intention part to purpose. It is “who do I serve?” This is an area that you may have a great sensitivity in others? What do you recognize easily in people who have issues, challenges, or problems? What am I most passionate about solving or helping others with their issues, challenges or problems?

Most Alive & Inspired

When it comes to your sense of purpose and finding what makes you most alive and inspired, who you can serve by meeting their needs or solving their problems, will help you to know what area of business to go in.

For me I come most alive and inspired when I can help others discover who they were created to become and how to apply it in business. As I stated that as a little girl, the two areas I most acted out was an entrepreneur by looking for ways to make money and then acting as a school teacher and my siblings were my students.

As you can see now that what most excites me is serving people through knowledge and giving them the tools to overcome their challenges, problems or issues that they deal with. And as a result I earn a living what brings me joy.

Strength Finders

There is so much I could share about purpose but to much in this post. It litterally is a course in and of it self. If you struggle with knowing your strengths, let me say again, take the strength finder test and start there. This will start giving you some direction on areas you are able to function or grow into and become.

For example I had my youngest son take a test when he was in high school and it showed that he was gifted in mechanics and machinery. Well a good indication is that some areas he could serve would people who need cars fixed, or appliances, or tools, etc.

Hopefully this will give you a start in helping you to sense your purpose in why you are here, what you are to do or become and who to serve.

What is your sense of purpose? Please share.