Understanding Your C’s

Today’s reflection on #50daysto50 is about understanding your c’s. If you have missed the other reflections, you can go to wendytwine.com/50daysto50.

What's In Your M.I.N.D.What do I mean by understanding your C’s? Well first of all the C’s can represent the following: companion, co-habitant, co-worker, company boss, customer, client, etc…

Today though I want to focus on the customer. We can really apply what I will be sharing in all our different relationships. But I want to discuss how we will apply this to our business.

Understanding your customer will help when you can know their M.I.N.D. This stands for their motives, interest, needs and desires. When we can know how their M.I.N.D. then this will help us meet their needs, desires, and wants.


Motives has a lot to do with why a person does what they do. Is their motive out of pain or pleasure, is it out of fame or fortune, etc. Understanding your customer’s motives will help you understand how earnest or serious a person is about your product, service or cause.


Interests is another area that we need to understand to help our customers. You may have ABC Slip-n-Slide product, and they are people who are senior citizens and not young children or parents of young children. Also, maybe they don’t even enjoy getting wet if they where demographically fell into your category of marketing your product to.


Needs are a big one to understand in your customer. Through a series of questions to pre-qualify your customer about your product, service or cause will help you to understand if they have a need. Let’s say you offer a service to clean out septic systems. If the owner you are calling happens to live in a condo and its hooked up to city sewer, then your service will not be a need in their life.


Desires are the final area to help understand your customer’s M.I.N.D. When you can get to this area of communication with your customers, it will help you to know how to present your service, product, or cause in a way that will be desired.

Again, though if what you offer doesn’t meet the desire for your customer who is desiring chocolate candy, when you offer nothing but fruity flavors, it will not help them.

So let me know how you get into your customer’s M.I.N.D. when it comes to your service, product or cause. Please share.