Is There Purpose In The Silence?

The Quieter You Become The More You CanWhen I started this journey of #50daysto50 reflecting over the last half of my life, I knew it would be a challenge to communicate everyday. I don’t know about you but I am not much on rambling or chit chat. When I meet with friends and family, I like to converse with purpose.

What do you do though when you are in those times or seasons when its silent? Have you ever felt that way? Your family doesn’t have much to say, your friends aren’t really talking much and you may not even hear God speaking as frequently to you or not at all. What do you do during those times?

Believe it or not when its those silent times in your life that is when God is at work. You may think he has left you and abandoned you but he has not. When I have had times of silence it is usually been either because I haven’t done what he asked me to do or I am going through a great growing time of learning to trust him when he appears to not be there listening to me.

So first of all if you are in a silent time right now and don’t hear God speaking, and you know that he has been asking you to do a particular thing and yet you have rebelled, ask God to forgive you. This will open up the channels of communication again. If you don’t know if you have grieved the heart of God, ask him to show you and he will.

If you can honestly say my heart does not condemn me and you have done know open rebellion or harboring unforgiveness, then this silent time can because you are being give a great gift. It may not seem like one but it is a gift to learn to trust God in the silent times.

Think about when you are in a drought. If you compared yourself to a plant or tree, what happens during those times. Their roots are going deeper to tap into the water table. These silent times are for the purpose for us to grow deeper in our relationship with God.

If you where in a hurricane, we have those a lot here on the east coast. These winds get very strong, and depending on what type  of “tree” you are will depend how you can weather the storm. Some trees are uprooted, some will break in two and others will become very flexible and bend almost all the way down to the ground like a Palm Tree.

God wants to strengthen us during these times. You may be in a storm or a drought spiritually but God has not abandon you though it may appear so. God is strengthening you during these times and causing you to grow deeper in him and develop your “faith” muscles.

Are you in a silent time now? If so, do you know why?