How Faithful Am I?

FaithAs I started this journey of #50daysto50 reflections over the last half of my life, I stated in another post that there would be times that there would be no rhyme or reason on how I would journal. Each day I ask God what is it he wants me to reflect on and bring a part of my life to share.

Well today God mentioned faithfulness. See today I celebrate being consistent for one week writing everyday. I have mentioned before that, I delayed writing because of the fear I had to over come, due to my lack of faith in myself and the lack of faith in God to give me the “manna” I needed for each day.

The “manna” in this case isn’t the food rained down from heaven but the ideas to write each day is the “manna” I am referring to. You see I kept focusing on what I didn’t have instead of putting my trust in God’s provision.

I am reminded how much I was like Moses. God said to write and I said I couldn’t. I said I don’t have what it takes to communicate your messages in written form. It’s kind of like that argument Moses had with the Lord when God said I want you to set my people free and you will have to confront pharaoh.

Moses said to the Lord did you forget that I have this speech impediment. And because of Moses insisting on his brother Aaron to be his spoke person, God allowed it but it wasn’t his first choice.

I didn’t want to get to that point to say, “Hey God you don’t know who you are asking here.” Now put me in front of someone and I can “talk” all day long but to write, oh no that is another story. So again, I am celebrating God’s faithfulness to me to help me write and hopefully for you to have some insight as well about how you can take the step to trust God to do what he’s leading yo to do.

Many times we delay doing something because we are being wise in our own eyes, thinking that we know better than God. I remember about three or four months ago the Lord was stating he wanted me to write more frequently and I kept being resistant about it. Whether this was internally or externally, I was having some resistance to the writing idea.

This is when the Lord said, ” You are listening more to what man says than to what I am saying, who do you think created you and knows what’s inside of you?” After that I repented and told the Lord I believe but to now help me create the discipline.

Thank God for the scripture in Second Timothy 2:13 NLT, “If we are unfaithful, he remains faithful, for he cannot deny who he is.”  If you haven’t stepped out in an area that God is telling you to do, trust him, he is faithful. He will surprise you more than you know.

Where have you seen the faithfulness of God? Did it actually start bringing you joy once you believed and acted? If so, share below.