When it comes to containing the clutter in the Q.U.I.C.K. way system and preparing your home for sale, think how these containers will function.

Organize With Style

The containers may serve more than one function than just holding your clutter. If we take for example in our last article isolate the clutter, we mentioned about toys in the living room. If you allow your preschoolers to have some toys in the living room, you may want to consider a decorative chest to store them in.

We also talked about shoes in our last article. If you have a major door designated to come in from after a day of work or school, etc., you may want to consider a decorative bench that has a hide away compartment under the seat. Or you may want to consider a decorative two level cubby boxes made under the bench. So think about not only how to contain your clutter but how the container may be seen.

We also talked about mail and designating a specific place to be placed until processed; again what container will you use to hold the mail until its processed? Would you use a decorative basket on the table or counter? Or how about a decorative file folder box that is A-Z or January – December if you haven’t digitalized your mail.

Filing With Color

When it comes to filing papers, I created a system using colors in my business and in my personal life. I was constantly getting frustrated with my self when it came to me loosing papers/manuals I had filed. For example, I would purchase a new dishwasher that was a brand name “Maytag”. I would struggle with do I put under “A” for appliances, “D” for dishwasher, or “M” for Maytag. I would have this problem with other items to file as well.

So, I decided to use colors in my filing system. This would eliminate the amount of searching if I forgot where I filed it. So my color system for containing my paperwork went like this: Red was a warning color so I used this color for taxes. Do you know what happens if Uncle Sam doesn’t get his money? Green was for money, so I put bank statements, etc. Yellow is friendship. So I would use this color for our customers/clients and in personal our individual folders on family members holding special documents like shot records, birth certificates, etc. Orange is another warning color but not as sever as red. I used this for vendors we owed in our business and personal our household bills. Finally I used blue as the last color for any manuals/ documents/etc. in business or personal, as this color speaks of dependability, loyalty, trustworthy.

This color system can be used digitally as well by coloring your folders. This way if you file that Maytag Dishwasher manual in the blue folder, the search under “A” for appliance, “D” for dishwasher or “M” for Maytag is not as difficult to find unlike a non-color coded file system. Anyhow, again think about how the container will be used besides stowing away your clutter.

Next time we will talk about how to keep up the clutter the Q.U.I.C.K. Way.

What container ideas do you have when containing your clutter?