When it comes to isolating the clutter in the Q.U.I.C.K. way system and preparing your home for sale, you want to start by subject, activity and/or location.

One of the biggest challenges I personally have, is in isolating the mail. This is an area of subject and location I have had to deal with.

When you bring your mail in, you want to localize it to one area. This can be a challenge if multiple people get the mail from the mailbox. I personally am still trying to get my husband to put it in one place I have designated.

Isolate By Subject, Activity & Location

Designate an area of the home that when all mail comes into the home this is where it goes until processed.

Outside of mail being a clutter bug, shoes and toys are other areas that need to isolate by location. Do you allow favorite toys or often warn shoes to be laying in the living room? If so, have you designated an area to place them?

What about those magazines you love to read? Have you isolated them to a particular part of the house, like the living room coffee table or the basket in the den? This may be an area you need to revisit in unloading old issues. If so, tear out your favorite article and scan into the computer and then donate the rest to a local school for class projects like collages.

When it comes to activities, think where it would best be to isolate any clutter. Let me give you a few examples. Frequent use of pots and pans near a stove would be better than in the pantry. Bed linen stored under the bed verses in the hall closet; or first aid medicine may be better in a floating container stored in a cabinet verses numerous medicine cabinets or in closets.

Your Rules for Organizing

There is no hard or fast rules when it comes to isolating clutter but think about how you can keep your home tidier by isolating by subject, activity and/or location.

Then next area in the Q.U.I.C.K. Way we will be discussing is how to contain the clutter we decided to keep.

What is your biggest isolating challenges? Mail, Toys, Shoes, Etc?