If we all admitted to ourselves we at one time or another battled with the clutter bug. We love to hang onto our clutter so much, that some of us has gone so far as to pay to have it stored away in storage units.

In fact, storage units has grown more than most other types of commercial properties. This may be great if your an investor but if it comes to you trying to sell your own home, hanging on to clutter can be detrimental to the sale of your house.

You want buyers to be able to see the features of your home and the amount of space that you have. If you follow these 5 Q.U.I.C.K. Ways to bring order to your home, from Lori Baird’s book Cut the Clutter and Stow the Stuff will also help you sell your home faster too.

Step 1: Quantify It

Step 2: Unload It

Step 3: Isolate It

Step 4: Contain It

Step 5: Keep It Up