Are You Flirting with Disaster?

Today’s reflection on #50daysto50 is about apathy and how it will take a toll on your life. If you missed any of the other reflections you can go to

LOVE VS. LUSTI’ve been sharing about how when God gives you a vision and a plan for your life, he will take you through a process that is much like going from pit to palace. We all can probably relate to a pit experience if you lived at least through your teenage years. As for the palace, I’m talking more of coming to an elevated position that you were not in before.

As I have been sharing over the last few reflections about facing our fears, having persistence when it get tough, etc.., but what happens if your in a place where you don’t even feel much of anything? It could be because of apathy.

In the book, “Reposition Yourself” [tweetthis]T.D. Jakes said, “Any time you’re not focused on what matters most because you’re allowing yourself to be distracted and numbed by some feel-good urge, it’s hurting those around you.”[/tweetthis]

Apathy’s Masks

Let’s look at how apathy will mask itself. We know that a mask is for the purpose of not showing our real features or feelings. So let’s talk about how apathy will mask itself in different ways and how to take it off. I have experienced some or all of these masks in someway or I have known someone in my own family.

Dispassionate Dreamer

Dispassionate Dreamer covers your big plans for lower level living. Its traits are much like the following:

  • Not using full potential of talents and capabilities
  • accept what others tell you to do
  • giving up creative pursuits
  • longs to be the vision you imagined

Apathy’s mask no longer wants you to think or be hoping about pursuing your dream because what if disappointments, losses, etc. happens again. You have allowed apathy to steal your passion and fire and you no longer hope.

Laid-back Lover

Laid-back lover replaces love with lust. You are no longer a giver but a taker. You desire to love and be loved but have pulled yourself away from being intimate because of you low self esteem. Apathy’s traits in laid-back lover looks like the following:

  • lust for money
  • lust for power
  • lust for sex

Your indifference has caused you not to be affectionate. You are no longer present or attune to your relationships. You are bored with everything and everyone.

Manciple Manager

Manciple manager is very angry over apathy because now he’s ruining your financial future. Apathy will have you stick your head in the sand and pretend that you no longer have any financial obligations. It will reveal itself as follows:

  • continually late on your bills
  • cumulates debt
  • spend money on wants verses needs
  • spends more on addictions when depressed

Apathy is about keeping you numb however it has to so it won’t feel the pain. Manciple Manager wants to help you manage your money more wisely and to have the dreams you desire without debt and with proper planning.

Bewildered Believer

You have become bewildered in your belief in God, yourself and your dream. You are afraid to believe God for what you have dreamed because of your past hurts. You feel like life has so unfair.

You have begin to idol material objects over relationship with God. Apathy will cause you to numb-out, be tired, and exhausted. You choose this over engaging your creator and deepening your relationship with him to heal, restore, and motivate you for breakthrough.

Focus on a Make-over

T.D. Jakes book, “Reposition Yourself” said the following about when you stay in a position of apathy, its like being on a fence, “You are flirting with the tragedy of a life wasted and regretted.”

Ask God to help you to take the mask of apathy off and to give you a make-over and forget the do-over. We cannot undo most of our mistakes. Live your life from this day forward with no more wasted time and regrets because of apathy.